Guinness Rules

Marissa McTasney, Owner and Founder of Moxie Trades applied to Guinness World Records on August 14, 2015.   On August 19, 2015, Guinness accepted our application and THE MOXIE CHALLENGE was born.

The definitions of moxie is the ability to face fear with spirit and courage.

The Moxie Trades business is a brand about empowerment, fearlessness, tenacity, skill, endurance, strength, encouragement, inclusiveness, positivity, happiness and the list of all things moxie goes on and on.  We just also happen to sell work boots so we can get any job done with moxie.

Join us for this global movement of sheer and utter, completely insanely amount of moxitude.

If we win this thing… Moxie Trades will provide grants and bursaries to women entering non-traditional roles.  Who knows what else they’ll do?   #MOXIEBOMB #MOXIETUDE #MOXIELICIOUS #GOTMOXIE

Here are the rules to achieving the Guinness World Record


  1. The subject of the photo album must be people holding a sign with the same written message or an image on it.
  2. The message / image on the sign must be pre-approved by Guinness World Records.
  3. To count towards the record, each photo must focus on a person or people holding one or more signs. The signs must be held in the hands or arms of the people.
  4. Each person holding the sign in a photo must be unique, it is not acceptable for the same person to be the subject of multiple photos.
  5. The sign must be of one type only.
  6. The completed photo album must be visible online to the public for at least one month. Photos will be hosted on www.gotmoxiechallengecom/guinnesschallenge
  7. Full server logs as well as visible publicised proof (i.e. an operational link for visitors) must be submitted detailing the total number of photos created.

Rules for ‘Largest online photo album’ records

Each photo in the album must be at least 300×300 pixels.
The album must be dedicated solely to the specified subject matter.
Photos may be contributed by different individuals, but must be organized by a sole entity into one single album.
The album must be available online.
All photos must be visible in the same location and publically available.
The album website must be created for the sole purpose of this record. As such, the results of an image search of this subject on an Internet search engine will not qualify as these photos were not taken and organized for the same unifying purpose.
In order to count as a photo of the specified subject matter, the subject must be the most prominent article/item within the picture.
Each image must be unique to qualify towards the final total.
Please confirm with Guinness World Records the details of the types/format of images that you intend to submit as part of the record.
For the purpose of this record illustrations will not be counted. For example, the use of programs such as Photoshop to insert the subject into existing photographs would not be permitted; any photos created using such programs would not count toward the final record.
Photographs cannot be a frame from a video or a screen shot.
Edited or altered versions of the same image will not be permitted.
The entire album must be run through photo ‘duplicate finder’ software. Evidence of this must be provided, using screenshots of the application to show how many duplicates were found in the album.
Two independent witnesses who are qualified to comment on online photo albums must confirm the exact number of photos of the specific subject in their statements.
The photo album must be reviewed by a technological auditing or litigation firm and evidence of this must also be provided in the form of a digital forensics report.
Full server logs as well as visible publicized proof (i.e. an operational link for visitors) must be submitted detailing the total number of photos created.
The full server log mentioned under needs to be submitted in a machine-parsable format (e.g. CSV, XML, YAML, JSON, etc.)
The full server log mentioned in the previous point must include:
each photo’s unique URL
each photo’s (unique) IP address from which it was submitted (if applicable, see guidelines above)
the value of each of the following HTTP headers, token from the POST request that ultimately resulted in the photo being posted:
HTTP_CLIENT_IP (if posted via proxy)
HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR (if posted via proxy)

Please make sure you supply ALL the following evidence:

One cover letter explaining the context of the record attempt. Please indicate dates between which the record attempt took place, your chosen witnesses and full details of website where the album is publically available. Please also provide full details of the person(s)/organization attempting the record including details on background and preparation for the attempt.
Two independent witness statements must be provided confirming that the rules above have been adhered to and must explicitly state the exact and final figure of the total number of unique images in the online photo album. Proof of qualifications/expertise for at least one of the independent witnesses must also be included.
•    Server logs as indicated in the rules above.
•    A digital forensics report must be submitted, this must include details of the methodology used to review the photos and a complete list of all duplicate photos.
•    Documentary evidence including a log of the username and email address of each participant who supplied an image and a link to the final image chain must be submitted.
•    Photographic evidence of the attempt should be provided in the form of screen shots of the online photos album.
•    Schedule 2 should be signed by you when you are sending in evidence which you either own or have permission to allow Guinness World Records to use.
•    If you include any photographs or video in your evidence which you do not own or have permission to allow Guinness World Records to use, then you must includeSchedule 3.
•    Media articles (newspaper, online, TV or radio) should be submitted as part of the evidence requirements. This is not compulsory evidence.

Please read the Guide to Your Evidence document, where you will find further information about the evidence requirements and evidence templates. It is paramount this document is read before you submit your evidence.

Evidence checklist

  • Cover letter
  • Proof of witnesses’ expertise
  • Witness statement 1
  • Witness statement 2
  • Documentary evidence
  • Digital forensics report
  • Server logs
  • Photographic evidence
  • Media articles